We have been asked to produce a set of up to 4 aspect signals that can work on both
block control and dcc we have therefore come up with an upto and including a 4 aspect
signal control system.
if you require the 4 aspect system you will be supplied with cased control unit this will
include the follow

4 reed switches
1 x power supply to power the signal controller and signal post lights
1 x magnet to affix to loco
1 x 4 aspect signal post (at present only have in ho scale signal posts)all other scales
to follow

if you already have some signal posts that have light bulbs and they work off your existing transformer that you use a manual switch for them this unit will work for you and will replace the manual switch that you use at the moment if this is the case you will not need the power supply you will be able to use the terminals or power supply that you use for your signals at the moment. please contact via email to check compactablity this unit will control signals with bulds as well as leds.


this unit is available on ebay using search keyword 4 aspect signal or can be
purchased direct from us see home page for details

4 aspect signal control with 4 reed switches and magnet =19.99
3 aspect signal control with 3 reed switches and magnet =17.99
2 aspect signal control with 2 reed switches and magnet =15.99

this unit will allow multipule reeds to be arranged to allow more than one signal control
to be operated at once so say you are triggering a 3 aspect signal on the main line you
could also trigger a two aspect signal on another line

More reed switchs magnets  are availble to purchase seperately
singal posts to be added later

other types of signal also available including a two aspect signal controller with the
ability to switch off sections of track when a train fitted with a magnet triggers a reed
switch to switch a signal to red this switches off power to the controlled rail until another
reed is passed somewhere in your layout to switch the signal back to green and so restore
power back to that section of track or branch line.
this unit costs 12.99
includes 2 x reed switches a magnet and wired leds check home page for how to purchase a
manual version is available on ebay keyword electronic signals .

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