About Us

Mr Rails is an abbreviation of the following

Model Railway Realistic Accessories Including Loco Sounds

We our a small family run electronics workshop business in Cowes on the Isle Of Wight that have been in the electronics business of over the past 26 years here in Cowes a World famous Place for its yacht racing amongst other things.

I fill sure that you will agree over this period of time electronics have come along way and almost govern if not rule are lives today with the computer being the biggest driving force in our modern lives today.

I'm Colin husband and dad to two sons and i'm classed as the brains to this outfit having passed many degrees in electronics over the years but got no where in English hence poor spelling and grammar and if i had to write all this on paper i dealt if anybody could read it (see computers rule are lives).

So what's all this got to do with model trains you may ask yourself. ? 

Well there are some places were electronics have spoilt some things and model railways are one of then . When  DCC made is daybut it was a great leap forward and simplified a few things more than one train on the same track independent control etc but it lacks one vital point REALISM.

Train speed goes up in steps being digital controlled, sounds made by trains whither steam chuffer or horns are all synthesized and sound false.

With my knowledge and experience the company have embarked on adding realism back to the model railway in this digital age, We have successfully made an advance with realism and some of you are enjoying that now.


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