New Products Spring 2008

Our New Product for March 2008 is to Make misty dcc compatable this is using a dc/dcc convertor board by using this there is no feedback problems wiring for this is of a standard colour for colour details are supplied.

Its the convertors job only to power the unit from the dcc track supply totally seperating the track power from the sound unit so not to interfere with the operation of the sound chuffer this way the chuffer as it were says the convertor as a battery(for you tech heads out there the convertor uses a transformer circuitry so the track dcc power is feed into the convertor this drives a tiny transformer the output of this then runs the chuffer )this stops the feedback issue where the motor on the honby decoder is bridged to ground


Our New Product For Febuary 2008 Is Called "Tiny" This Is A Single Stand Alone Remote Triggeried 00 Gauge or Bigger steam Whistle Unit Its Battery Operated & Only Uses Power When Triggeried The Whistle Is A Copy Of A British Steam Whistle With A Duration Of 7 Seconds To Hear this whistle Click Here

The Size Of The Module Is 5cm x 5cm (2inch x 2 inch)So Will Fit In G SCALE  Wagons .

and a 5.5cm(bit bigger than 2 inchs) speaker for the g gauge

we are also going to make these for smaller scales 0 and 00 scale details to be added

Our new product for January :

we have been making a diary in the whistle & horn section click here to follow it

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