Locomotive Sounds

Below is a picture of our Flagship Product The ATCMK1 ©HERSGROUP 2006

This is the most Realistic steam chuffer on the market it is manufactured by us and is ideal for insert into a g scale tender or to use as a stand alone product .

It uses voltage sensing circuitry to adjust the chuff rate with 0 volts a steady hiss of steam can be heard advance the track control slowly and the steam volume rises and starts to make a deep chugging sound mimicking the cylinders labouring as you increase speed so a more mellow chuff is heard slowly reduce speed and chuff rate slows on stopping the train excess steam can be heard for about 10 secs and them dies down in volume to a quite steam hiss .The unit has just two controls that once set can be left alone. one to adjust the starting chuff rate this is because different train motors have different starting voltages and the other is a volume control the is a small amp board with all connections that also has a small loudspeaker but don't be fooled by its size unit is powered by two pp3 batteries and comes with simple set-up instructions. The board measures 3½ inchs by 2 inchs (9cm x 5cm)  .This unit costs £29.99 plus £3.00 postage and can be ordered directly from us or ebay .Not Suitable for DCC control Works with PWM controllers and standard DC controllers

Below are 3 sound samples from the above unit
Stationary Steam        Just Leaving          at slow speed coming to a stop
For Smaller scales or base boards here is a small manual steam chuffer with whistle you will note from the picture below that there are two controls one to adjust the chuffer rate and the other to adjust the volume with the volume turned down you just hear a steady steam sound  this unit also has a small push button to trigger a whistle of which is a reasonable sound this is a battery item .The cost of this unit is just £9.99 plus postage for the board version  

You can see that the unit is not much bigger than the battery of which is included if you what a base board version the switch is supplied on fly leads so you can mount to you baseboard a bigger speaker is included
This is a picture of are hand held Version this costs £12.99 plus postage