Diesel Sounds

Check back soon for sound samples.


Trying to get a good volume with all required sounds to run on small battery pack at present 4 x AAA cells giving 6 volts . will add progess asap

1st September update

Have had a few teething troubles with prototype however things sorted now the problem was with getting a good volume without draining batteries now sorted using different amp chip the total size of the board including all componets preset controls etc is 5cm x2.9cm or in inches 2"x1and a bit"

Picture to follow These will run from a pp3 9volt battery initially but hoping to modify to use 2 x AAA 1.5volt batteries cost of board will initally be 29.99 but you can preorder a 5.00 discount (we do not require payment on preorders)

1st November update

Producing runing well after power problems

update 01 jan 2008


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